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Year Capacity Mileage Wheelchair

Engine Transmission Unit #

Fleet sale,

One owner units-
Excellent maintenance

#416- 1992 C3- 6V-92-HT740 transmission - 47 seats VCR 600k miles- 13K on
engine- $10,000

#704-1997 DL3- DDA-55 seats- VCR-462K miles- $25,000

#418 1999 DL3 DDA-55 seats - VCR -579K miles - $29,000

#420-1999 DL3-DDA-55 seats - VCR- 972K miles - $29,000

#706 - 1999 DL3- DDA - 55 seats- VCR-513K engine- 227K Trans- $30,000

#419 - 2000 DL3- DDA- 55 seats- VCR-981K engine- $30,000

Taken out of service 6-17-2017- everything works on these units. Great for back-ups or regular service

Contact me for additional pictures and info.

VERY flexible on pricing

Financing is available if qualified

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